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We have all seen landscapes that just seem to thrive - Healthy plant material and trees with good color and vigor that always looks nice regardless of the weather. Healthy, thriving landscapes do not just happen by chance. I would bet that if you look down…below the ground, you will find that someone had the foresight to install a quality irrigation system. At Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, we build and design all kinds of irrigation systems, from golf courses to apartment complexes to resorts and single family homes. Every system is designed to conserve our natural resources (a very important consideration in light of government water restrictions), and at the same time, to protect your investment. The key to success in a quality irrigation system is two-fold... it should be effective and efficient. Effectiveness is easily identified by looking at the results; is your landscape thriving and healthy? Efficiency, however, is a little more challenging to quantify. Application rates, design implications such as turf versus ornamental beds or flowers, coverage issues, application flexibility and quality of materials are all considerations when evaluating whether a system is efficient or not. Be aware that the level of efficiency is determined at the time the system is designed and installed. That is why we say, “If you want to end up with a quality landscape, start out with a quality irrigation system”. Remember you can’t always count on Mother Nature, but you can count on Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc.

Any irrigation system is designed with a single goal in mind… to augment Mother Nature, not replace her. Government restrictions pertaining to irrigation duration and frequency are making it increasingly difficult to accomplish this. At the same time, we recognize that we have a responsibility to protect our natural resources. At Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc. we take this responsibility seriously. Our technicians are trained to assure that our customer’s irrigation systems operate as efficiently as possible. This is important because the entire maintenance programs success depends on a functional and efficient irrigation system. For that reason, when deficiencies are noted, we endeavor to communicate the problem in easy to understand terms while providing workable, cost effective solutions.


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