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A landscape installation can be viewed as a dynamic, living thing. It ages (yes, plants do die of “old age”!), it is subject to adverse affects by outside forces, it suffers when it is not properly taken care of, and plants can also decline because they were the wrong choice to begin with. All of these are very real concerns that can take their toll on your landscape and your landscape investment. Landscape enhancements are designed to do exactly what the name implies. Enhance an existing landscape especially when a portion fails for any of the reasons previously mentioned. However, enhancements are more than just replacing a plant one for one. A landscape professional must look at the causes for plant failure. Further, they must understand the harsh Florida climate and recognize what will work and in what location. Finally, any recommendation to enhance an existing landscape is worthless unless it is cost effective and the contractor thoroughly understands the original design intent as well as the current needs of the client. At Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc., our commitment to the client is simple.….we will tell you honestly what you need; you tell us what you want; and we will provide a finished product that is practical and works within your budget.

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