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Landscape Maintenance

At Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc. we pride ourselves on delivering high quality service at highly competitive rates. Since the year 2000 we have had great history with HOA/COA, apartments, commercial retail and other upscale resort properties. We believe that we would be a great service partner for your operations. Our professionalism can make key differences for your property and increase occupancy, value & sell ability.

Further more,  a well maintained landscape should provide 20-30 years or more of enjoyment and beauty. A poorly maintained landscape puts the initial investment at risk and could even require extensive renovation in as little  as 3-5 years.

With Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc. we partner with you to provide a full service landscape maintenance program. This program is designed to protect your landscape investment and keep your property showing it's best. We begin by seeking to understand the specific needs of you and your property. We do this in order to develop a custom program that is intended to achieve the desired results within a workable budget. We then implement that program with a goal of delivering a problem-free finished product.

Our core values are the result of our belief that properly trained personnel, a safe working environment, utilization of quality materials and equipment with a strong commitment to customer service. All these are critical components of a successful professional landscape maintenance program. Our commitment to customer service goes far beyond just trying to make the property look good. We endeavor to work towards a finished product that speaks of quality and attention to detail while being considered a value in today's market.

To sum things up, whether it's a single family home or a multi-family complex or a world class resort, our commitment remains the same.....Exceed our customer's expectations every time!

Don't you finally deserve the

"Professional Standard"


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