Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc. was founded in January of 2000. It was founded for three simple reasons, professionalism, services and attitude. The industry at that time seemed to be lacking a company with all of the right qualities. Our motivation was simple, to create that company and provide those professional services and attitudes which should be the standard in our industry. With hard work, we set off on this great adventure of starting a company who could set the “Professional Standard” in the Central Florida Area.

We needed to have the right pieces in place as we started our company. These pieces consisted of having the proper equipment to build and maintain the work being completed, properly trained staff, proper licenses, best available material the market has to offer at the time of installation, and listen to the needs of each client. Through proper communications with our staff, vendors and clients, we soon realized all of our beliefs were coming together. That is why you see all of our company vehicles and logos with the “A Professional Landscape Company” on them. We were the first to implement this saying through the Central Florida area and it stands for what we all believe in at Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc.

Today because of our professionalism, services and attitude, Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance, Inc.’s management team is now a premier leader in the horticulture industry and continues to be a successful part of this growing industry.

This is the “Professional Standard” that we provide to all of our clients.
Now don’t you finally deserve the “PROFESSIONAL STANDARD”!